The Freezy Fun Party Game

patch productsAlthough the game of Freezy Fun by Patch Products is discontinued, this ice cube game can still be used to base a party game around. By making a few simple changes to the rules, and creating some cards, this cool game can outlast even the hottest games!

The game of Freezy Fun was simple. It consisted of a spinner, board, two fuzzy penguins, and a double ice cube mold.  Players would form two teams.  Each team would receive one frozen ice cube to hold.  They would take turns spinning the spinner and move accordingly around the board.  The space the players landed upon indicated what they would need to do with their ice cubes.  The winning team was determined by the players whose ice cube lasted the longest.

By creating cards to act as spaces of the board, Freezy Fun can be played at any party today.  Players pick a card, instead of spinning and moving on the board.  The cards will determine what challenge they need to do with the ice cube.

patch products gameFreezy Fun included things like ‘Rub in the hands for 10 seconds’, ‘Float 10 seconds in hot water in a bowl’, or ‘Breathe 10 breathes onto the cube’.  These types of instructions can be written on cards.  3×5 index cards, cut in half, make great playing cards for the game.  On the cards write the above and the following instructions:

*Close fist tightly around ice cube for 10 seconds
*Hold hands with a team mate with ice cube in between for 5 seconds
*Run under warm water for 5 seconds
*Hold ice cube in hand and say Shhhhh to it as close as you can get
*Put ice cube down shirt and take out at bottom
*Balance on top of your head for 5 seconds
*Place in sock at top of the ankle for 5 seconds
*Hold ice cube between your knees for 10 seconds
*Hold ice cube in inner elbow and fold arm for 10 seconds

Some of the above directions are new ideas to use for playing the cool game!  When making the cards, if you think of another, go ahead and add it.  Players could be made to ‘sing’ to the ice cube (as close as they can get) or maybe one card could say ‘Hold on opponent’s bare back for 10 seconds’.  Taking turns, drawing the cards, and doing what the card says, decides who is the hottest and coolest.  The winner, and the coolest, is the team with the ice cube which lasts the longest!  The team with the fastest disappearing ice cube is the hottest, and loses the game!

Playing the Ice Cube game is one way to chill out and have fun at a party.  Gathering around with friends on a hot day and playing with ice cubes is a welcomed treat.  How cool is that?

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