The Game of Kids Charades

party gameKids Charades is described as the ‘act ‘n’ giggle game’ on the box.  Which on the times when my family and I have played; it certainly lived up to its description!  Watching others trying to act out an answer, and then trying to think, listening to attempts to give the correct answer, and seeing the sometimes confused faces on all players, causes lots of laughs.  This, of course, is what family game nights are all about and why Kids Charades is always fun to play.

The game consists of 50 charade cards, timer, score pad, dice, and pencil.

Each of the game cards include 6 different charades to carry out. The charades are numbered 1 to 6 and involve various categories.  The player to perform the charade rolls the die and acts out the matching number charade indicated from the die.  All players should know the different categories for each numbered charade.  They are as follows.

A roll of 1 or 4 indicates the person will be acting out the category of ‘People or Characters’
A roll of 2 or 5 has a person acting out ‘Animals or Objects’
A roll of 3 or 6 indicates a charade of ‘Actions or Phrases’

Knowing the category will help in thinking of the correct answer.

To play the game, three or more players are needed.  Creating teams are recommended if there are enough players to do so.  Up to seven players, or teams, can play.

The score pad (shown below) displays a row of die numbers.  Whenever a charade is guessed correctly, the actor (or the actor’s team) gets to cross off that number.  The player (or player’s team) who guessed is then the next actor and rolls the die to act out another charade.

The game is won by the first player (or team) who is able to cross out all the dice shown on the score pad!

The players have the amount of the timer to guess the actor’s charade.  The actor is not allowed to talk, sing, hum, mouth out anything, or draw anything in the ‘air’.  There are few actions allowed to provide hints, though.  Actors can give the number of words by holding up that many fingers.  He can also clue others in or the number of syllables, what it sounds like, and other representative actions agreed upon before playing.

Some example cards, showing the charades that could be chosen, are seen below.

party game

You can imagine the fun created when someone is acting out these charades!  Playing the game is great entertainment and brings family and friends together.  It is a wonderful way to spend a night!


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