The Outdoor Game of Beach Skee Ball

Kids love the outdoor game of Beach Skee Ball.  Not only do they love playing the beach game, they love making the ramp, rings, and holes for the game!  All that is needed to play this fun in the sand challenge is a few tennis balls and a bit of planning for the marking, digging, and sculpting of the lane and holes.

The object of the game is to be the player to score the most points by rolling a ball up a lane, over a ramp, and into different positioned holes.  The more difficult holes to roll a ball into are worth more points than easier ones to land a ball into.

The first thing to get ready is the making of the lane to roll the ball on.  This should be about 10 to 13 feet long and about 2 to 3 feet wide.  The lane should be made with just a slight incline.  The incline is easily created by scooping more sand at the top end and smoothing it down to the start.  At the top end of this lane, pile up some more sand to form a small ramp.  The speed, in which a player rolls the ball up the lane, and over the ramp, determines the distance the ball travels across the holes.  A few trial runs are helpful in sculpting the perfect ramp.

The next step is to create the scoring area.  Begin by etching a large ring in the sand at the end of the ramp.  This ring will include all the point valued holes and be the designated play area.  Any balls which do not land in a hole, but land inside the large etched ring, are considered to be worth ten points.

In a row, now dig four holes starting about one foot from the end of the ramped lane (like shown).   The holes should be aligned central to the lane.  The first hole is worth 20 points, the second is worth 30 points, the third worth 40 points, and the fourth is valued 50.  A fifth hole could be added at the very top, just outside the ring, and be worth 100 points.  Like mentioned, any balls not landing in a hole, but landing within the large ring are worth 10 points.

Beach Skee Ball is now ready for play!  Each player takes turns trying to score the most points by rolling the ball up the lane and over the ramp.  It is as simple as that!  Most games are played by each player rolling a total of 7 balls, and basing the scoring on this amount.

Players can alternate rolling one ball at a time or choose to roll all seven at once.  They can even choose to take turns rolling three, three, and then rolling the last one.  This turn taking is sometimes the most exciting way; because, if a player is behind in points, he may choose to go for the 100 points on his last roll!  If he makes it, then the next player may have to do the same in order to win!

No matter which way players choose to take turns, the rolling of balls and striving to score points offers lots of excitement on the beach.  So the next time you are at the beach, why not plan on making and playing the game of Beach Skee Ball?  You are sure to have fun in the sun!


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