The Sandman’s Hat Beach Game

sandman for beach gamePlaying games at the beach is a lot of fun.  They offer a challenging break from all the other beach activities. The Sandman’s Hat is one beach game kids will for sure enjoy playing.  Kids first have fun building the ‘game board’, and then once that is completed, the exciting games begin!

The ‘game board’ is a Sandman.  A Sandman is similar to a snowman, but instead of being made from snow, he is made from sand.  To begin making a sandman, players shovel up a pile of sand.  It can be as small or as large as players want.  A good size to play the game, though, is about 3 to 4 feet high.

Next, from this pile of sand, players sculpt a ‘snowman’ looking shape for the sandman’s body (bottom and middle).  Where the head of the Sandman should be, a flat space is leveled off.  The head of the Sandman is then made by using a sand bucket.  He has a ‘bucket head’ instead of a round head, like a snowman.

Finally, after the Sandman’s body and head is finished, players decorate him.  Seashells or small pebbles found along the beach make ideal buttons, eyes, and mouth.  The nose and arms are made out of sticks.  Two larger sticks are pushed in the sandman’s side for his arms; a small stick makes a great nose. (of course if you have a carrot, that would be better :)).   If wanted, a beach towel could be wrapped around his shoulders, like a scarf is often used on a snowman.

Now it is time for the Sandman to get his Hat!  But, who will place it on his head first?  This is the game. The first player to throw the hat on top of the Sandman wins.

To play, etch a line in the sand about 10 feet back from the Sandman. Players take turns, while standing behind this line, trying to throw the Sandman’s Hat on top of his head.  Players also take turns standing alongside the Sandman to return throw the hat to players throwing.

A good way to throw the Sandman’s Hat is like a Frisbee.  This keeps the hat’s shape in the air; and if thrown with the correct amount of speed and force, the hat gently lands right on top of the Sandman’s head perfectly!

Building a Sandman together is a wonderful way for families and friends to spend time with each other.  Since kids love to play in the sand, making a Sandman for the game is just added fun!  The game provides a simple challenge to have on a sunny afternoon while at the beach.

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