The Shadow Board Game: The Ultimate Battle between Good and Evil

milton bradley 1994 board gameThe 1994 Milton Bradley board game of The Shadow, which promotes itself as the ultimate battle between good and evil, has origins dating back to the 1930’s.  The character of The Shadow debuted on July 31st, 1930, by narrating radio’s Detective Story Hour.  He was portrayed as a crime fighting vigilante with powers to ‘cloud men’s minds so they cannot see him.’  Soon after the initial broadcast, American listeners wanted to learn more about this mysterious young man.   The many ways which The Shadow could be seen, then grew.  He appeared in ways of a magazine series, comic strips, films, television, and graphic novels.

Following the production of the motion picture entitled The Shadow, in 1994, a 3D board game, The Shadow by Milton Bradley, hit the shelves.   Players took on the role of The Shadow who fights the evil Shiwan Khan.  Shiwan Khan debuted in 1939 in The Golden Master which was written by Walter Gibson.  He is The Shadow’s nemesis in the1994 movie.  Like The Shadow, Khan too has telepathic powers, which provides an ending for the movie to be an enhanced battle of minds in a mirrored room.

Remembered for the opening lines, “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?”  The Shadow Knows!”, the radio show of The Shadow brought adventure and excitement into homes.  Playing the game can continue to do so, today.

The object of the game is to be the first player to win the battle against Shiwan Khan. Players begin by taking turns rolling the die and moving The Shadow pawn on the game board.  Depending where he lands determines a player’s action.  Rolling again, drawing cards, receiving the Phurba or following the secret directions revealed by the Decoding Ring are some of the possibilities.

milton bradley 1994 the shadow sample game piecesIn order to go into battle with Shiwan Khan, a player must possess the Phurba.  The Phurba is a dangerous dagger like weapon used to control evils.  A player must also hold in his hand, a Margo Land card and a Reinhardt Lane card.

If the previous conditions are met, and it is a player’s turn, he rolls the special ‘Phurba dice’ to try and master the Phurba.  Five rolls are given.  If a player rolls doubles of matching color Phurba’s, he defeats Shiwan Khan and wins the game.

If he does not roll matching color doubles, he surrenders the Phurba for all other players to try and master on their turn under the above conditions.

Although the game is simple to play, the adventure comes from portraying The Shadow while battling his evil enemy.  As in many games which characterize popular movies or books, the fun is in acting out the stories.  Playing these types of board games brings the excitement of the characters to life and right into your own home for all to enjoy.


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