The World’s Fastest Game of Blink

two player gameYou don’t always need a lot of time to play a game. This is especially true with the game of Blink! Advertized as the world’s fastest game, Blink is what players better not do while playing or it could cost them the game! Two players compete at being the quickest person at ridding his hand of cards. Cards move so furious, that in the blink of an eye the game could be over. Any time there are just a few free minutes to spend, Blink can fill them with fun and thrills. It’s that fast, and gripping, of a game!

Blink’s deck of cards consists of 60 symbol cards. The symbols vary in color, count, and shape. Matching any one of the symbol characteristics is key for winning the game! How rapidly players recognize what cards can match with others is usually the deciding factor.

Each player is dealt 30 cards face down. From these two piles, one card from each is placed face down, in the center, between players. Each player then takes three cards from his own draw pile to form a hand. When both players are ready, they flip over the center cards and the game begins.

Players race to match cards from their hands to either of the center cards. They refill their hands from their own draw piles to always hold three. The game ends when the first player has rid both his draw pile and hand.

Cards are played on top of a matching other. For instance, as shown below, if the center card displayed 3 red stars, players could choose to play on top of it any other red card(matching color; ex;1 red triangle), any other card with 3 symbols (matching count (3 yellow lightening bolts), or any other card with a star (s) (matching shape (5 green stars). Players must think as fast as they can to beat the other player to the play!

two player game

The game is similar to Speed or Spit. These two games use a standard playing card decks, but players race to play cards on top of central card piles, like in Blink. Any one of these games, Blink, Speed, or Spit, is a swift thinking and hand moving game. They offer as much excitement as they are quick to play.

Blink provides a great way to have spur of the moment fun. The next time someone asks to play a game, and time doesn’t allow for a lengthy game, pull out a deck of Blink! But be careful! The game is highly addictive and it is hard not to say, ‘one more round’!

Have fun!


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