Three Fun Snow Games to Play

snow gamesCreating snow angels, building forts, going sleigh riding, and making a snowman are some of the best joys of winter time.  Getting outside and having fun in the snow is a must!  The following are a few other ideas for playing in the snow and making it a great time!

Snow Monster is always an exciting game!  It is perfect to play in the winter when a fresh layer of snow has fallen. The story goes that overnight a Snow Monster went to sleep and was buried under the snow.  Two lines (colored water in a spray bottle works well) are drawn in the snow about 2 to 3 feet apart. It is between these two lines that the Monster is said to be sleeping.  Players do not want to wake him up!

Players take turns jumping over the space in between the lines without touching the ‘Snow Monster’ sleeping in the snow, hidden underneath. Anyone who touches the space in between the lines (known by seeing the footprint), has woken the Snow Monster and the game ends.

Players can get braver and braver each time the space is cleared, if wanted.  They can decide to move the distance to jump by moving one of the lines further away from the other.  This can be done by drawing a different line in the snow with the colored water. (Instead of marking the snow with colored water, if two jump ropes are available, they can be placed and used as markers.)

Whichever way the game is played, moving lines or not, players love the excitement and challenge created by the story of the sleeping Snow Monster!

It seems one of the most common of things to do in the snow is to build a snowman.  After the Snowman is built, a couple of games can be played that include him in part of the fun!  The Snowman’s Hat is once such game. In this game players take turns trying to throw the Snowman’s Hat on top of his head.  The first player to get the hat directly on top of his head wins!  To play, mark a line (again colored water in a spray bottle can be used) about 10 feet back from the snowman.  Players stand behind this line to try and throw the hat on top of the snowman’s head!

Another game using your Frosty the Snowman is mentioned in a previous article about Fun in the Snow Games.  Here, Frosty’s Top Hat is turned over for players to compete in the throwing of snowballs.  It can be turned over on top of his head or placed in front of him.  The first player to get a snowball into his hat wins.  Players can decide to play again by moving a little further back from the hat, or go play some of these other games in the snow:

Freeze Tag
Snow Darts
SnowMan Down
Snow Skee Ball

Whatever game you play, it is sure to be fun in the snow!

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