Throw a Yahtzee Game Night Party

Planning an exciting game night can be as simple as throwing a Yahtzee party.

yahtzeeOver fifty years ago, Yahtzee Parties contributed to the overwhelming selling success for the game of Yahtzee. Today, they can offer the same success for having a game night of fun. Back in 1956, Edwin Lowe obtained the rights for ‘the Yacht game’ from a Canadian couple who had first invented the dice game. The couple, whose names are unknown, played the game with many of their friends on their yacht and offered the game to Lowe in exchange for 1000 sets once produced.

Lowe changed the name to Yahtzee and began marketing the game. In efforts to gain popularity for the game, Lowe threw Yahtzee parties. He believed in the strength of word of mouth advertising and knew the wonderful game would sell itself, once played.

Because Yahtzee provides not only a bit of competitive play, but allows time for socializing, people loved gathering together and playing the game. News of the fun, exciting, game of Yahtzee soon spread and sales quickly grew. According to Hasbro (who now owns Yahtzee), over 50 million games are sold each year.

Yahtzee is a simple dice game where players roll 5 dice in efforts to form certain combinations and to obtain the highest score of thirteen rounds. A player is given three rolls per turn in order to get one of the thirteen needed combinations on the score card. Rolling a Yahtzee is the highest scoring of the thirteen combinations. A player rolling five of the same numbers forms a ‘Yahtzee’ and scores a player 50 points.

There are different ways to throw a Yahtzee party. Originally, inviting a few friends over, providing some refreshments, and playing Yahtzee, was considered having a ‘Yahtzee party.’ It still can be.

However, inviting a few friends over who are dressed like people of the late 50’s or early 60’s,(when the first Yahtzee parties were given), playing music of the same time period, baking a Cake to Die for; along with other tasty refreshments, and playing Yahtzee is another way a Yahtzee party can be thrown today!

Invitations can be sent out specifying a Yahtzee game night is being thrown and the request to come dressed as if it was one of the first ones given in the 50’s and 60’s. Yahtzee parties actually make a great game night idea for a Halloween party. Players come disguised as someone from the 60’s (famous or not) and the night is for sure to be sucessful by playing the entertaining game of Yahtzee.

Fun to play then. Still fun to play now.

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