Two First Games by Ravensburger which Teach Colors

snail's pace gameSnail’s Pace Race and Colorama by Ravensburger are two preschool games which feature and teach colors.  As first games, they introduce a few basic rules and are quick play for younger children to enjoy.  They are perfect games to strengthen early socialization and learning skills.

Snail’s Pace Race can be played by young children who are just starting to learn their colors and are able to follow some simple rules.  The game is recommended for ages three and up, but older two year olds certainly may be ready to play this durable, introductory game as well.

Six wooden, different colored snails race to the finish line on the game board race track.  Instead of competing with each other, players merely try to predict which snail will win the race and which one will be the last one across the finish line.  Players begin by placing all snails on the matching colored space of the starting line.  They then take turns rolling two dice to determine the movements of the snail racers.  The dice are marked with colors instead of numbers.  The matching colored snail of the colored dice roll, moves ahead one space.  If double colors are rolled, that matching color snail moves two spaces ahead.

Little ones, with parents or older children stating the colors appearing on the dice, quickly learn their colors and develop matching skills. They don’t feel pressure of winning or losing themselves, but are having fun cheering for the snails that will win or lose on the game board.  They recognize the value of taking turns and understand the snails move only if their color is rolled.  These basic rules will help develop skills for playing older aged games.

The game of Colorama teaches children colors and shapes.  The addition of shape recognition makes this game only slightly more difficult than Snail’s Pace Race.  Children, ages three and older, take turns rolling two dice.  One die determines the shape and one die indicates the color.  After rolling the dice, players need to find the matching colored shape.  Depending on which rules players are following, they either place the colored shape on the matching space of the game board or take it off.

Players work together to complete the task of rolling, matching, and then removing or placing the various pieces.  The excitement of a child who rolled the last needed shape and color, is definitely noticed by parents.

Basic gaming concepts, like taking turns and understanding simple rules, are taught in children’s first games.  Snail’s Pace Race and Colorama by Ravensburger are two games which encourage and introduce the playing of games in a fun and amusing way.

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