Vintage 1971 Game of Evade

3M game 1971Evade is one of nine games of the 3M gamette series.  Produced in 1971, the two player game involves a simple set of rules which are easy to learn.  The game, however, is challenging and offers strategic play.  It has players trying to skillfully bluff and wittingly move their way to a win!

Like all the 3M gamettes, Evade comes in a small fold over book-like case.  With their titles written on the ‘spines’ of the game box, the set of nine can nicely sit on a bookshelf and give the appearance of a collection of books.  Other game titles of the series are Sleuth (1967), High-Bid (1967), Venture (1968), Tryce (1969), Foil (1969), Monad (1969), Octrix (1970), and Sum-Up (1971).  Although smaller, they remind of the old 1800’s bookcase style games by Mcloughlin Bros.

Evade consists of a 6×6 gridded board with six heavy metal pawns for each player.  Before play begins, players place a small magnet disc in the bottom of two of his metal pawns.  These are secretly positioned and become the player’s two Evaders.  The other four pawns are considered a player’s Guards.

The object of the game is for a player to successfully move one of his Evaders across the board, and into any one of his opponent’s starting positions.

A player’s starting position is the first row on his side of the board.  Each player places his six pawns (both Guards and Evaders) in this row on the board while sitting across from one another.  The pawns can be mixed in any order of the player’s choosing. Only the player knows where his own Guards and Evaders are positioned.  Taking turns, players move one pawn in any direction (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally; forward or backward).

vintage game board Evade 1971If a player forgets which pawn is a Guard or an Evader, during his turn, a player can peek under his own pawns to check.  If he chooses to do this, though, he cannot ‘Freeze’ his opponent during this turn.

To Freeze an opponent is to place a Guard on top of an opponent’s pawn. If this is done, the piece and the Guard used, are Frozen for the rest of the game.  If a player accidentally freezes an opponent’s pawn with an Evader, the player who used his Evader loses the game.

The game ends when a player moves an Evader into his opponent’s first row.  However, if both Evaders have been frozen, a player should not automatically give up.  He can continue bluffing, and attempt to freeze his opponent’s pawns.  This game would then end in a tie.

Evade is a simple, but a strategically fun and quick game to play.  The nine games of the series are neat collectibles, and add interest to any ‘book/game’ shelf.

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