Vintage 1992 Picture Picture Board Game

vintage gameThe vintage board game of Picture Picture was produced by Western Publishing Co. in 1992 and challenges players to see things differently than other players! The game can be found on eBay from time to time, and if purchased, it will surely bring lots of fun to a family game night.

The game consists of fifty unique double-sided images, a frame to hold the chosen picture of play, a board with numbered spaces, six colored pawns, a 90 second timer, and a Picture Picture answer pad.

The object of the game is to be the first player to reach finish on the game board. A player moves his pawn one space for each point he receives.  Points are awarded for each unique answer a player sees and writes from the Pictures!

To play, one picture is chosen from the stack and placed in the frame.  On the flip of the timer, each player begins writing answers to objects he sees in the image.  A player attempts to find in the picture one item that starts with each letter of the alphabet. After time is up, answers are compared, and a player receives a point for only the answers no other players have given.

vintage 1992 game cardThis is where creativity and seeing things differently matters.  Everyone might see the Trombone and use it for the letter T.  However it could be used for M as a musical instrument or just I (instrument).  This allows the more common T to be used for something that might be more difficult to see, like Ticket or Tag or Thumb.  Another example is the Chair.  Instead of Chair, maybe write Cushion.

Some unique answers are worth more than others.  I and J, for instance, are worth 2 points.  U, V, and Y, are worth 3 points, and Z, Q, and X are worth 4 points for a player.

Picture Picture is great for ages of young and old.  Some of the pictures remind me of those created for I SPY books and games.  Since Picture Picture is out of print, and might not be easily found, I SPY books and games can offer similar fun with their products.  I SPY Eagle Eye is a game that players race to see a matching image first.  The I SPY books challenges readers to look into the images and find the listed items.  All of these products encourage children (and adults) to be extra observant and think imaginatively!  They are wonderful fun, and if a night of excitement is wanted, they are Spot on!


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