Wizard Themed Fun and Games Gift Basket for the Aspiring Sorcerer

Have a wizard in your household? If so, the wizard themed fun and games gift basket makes an ideal gift for that talented person at any time of year.

seven dragonsAnyone can create a gift basket for an aspiring wizard by adding a few magical items with a charming wizardry themed game. A wizard’s hat, wand, small plastic dragons, magic eight ball, star-shaped notepads, fancy pencils, candy worms or frogs, or glow in the dark moons and star package are only some of the ideas which can be placed with a game in a basket. Instead of a basket, the enchanting array can be situated in a shiny black play cauldron. This would enhance the display and would provide the wizard with a pot to then use for mixing his or her spells in.

Below are some helpful suggestions on wizardry games which will complete the gift ensemble. The world of wizards, magic spells, and dragons will be brought right to the sorcerer’s powerful grasp by playing any of the following games:

Seven Dragons (recommended for ages 6 and up/ preschool version in rules)

Seven Dragons is a domino style card game where players attempt to connect seven of their dragon cards together. The artwork found on the cards is brilliantly done by Larry Elmore, who is recognized for his amazing talent of depicting dragons. The game is for 2-5 players and is easily learned by even the youngest players. All wizards will enjoy playing with dragons!

Wizard’s Gambit (recommended for ages 8 and up)

While competing to be claimed the Grand Siege Magus, players struggle to accumulate the most points. Spells are added to a wizard’s book, which can be cast to strengthen their own strategy for winning or to hinder their opponent’s. Dangerous, but powerful spells abound. All wizards are tested, but only one winner takes the title.

Wizard Card Game (recommended for ages 10 and up/ Junior version ages 8 and up)

A simple and easy to learn card game for all sorcerers. A bit of strategy, a snip of luck, and loads of fun are the ingredients for this charmed game. A night filled with playing rounds of Wizard will make any player feel they are under a spell. Time runs fast when having fun. The quick and addictive play has a player wondering where all the time went.

Fantasy Wizard (recommended for ages 10 and up)

The score pad of truth reveals who was the best wizard at the end of this game. It will show who predicted the correct amount of cards he would take during a round. Humans, elves, dwarves, and giants battle, but the wizard trumps all. This fast paced card game will have all aspiring wizards looking for guidance and power to form their best prophecy.

Grimoire (recommended for ages 10 and up)

As the title of this game suggests, Grimoire (French for spell book) is a game which each player strives to cast the best spell during his turn. The game includes 5 little spell books for which a player uses and chooses his spells from. The excitement and the suspense of cast spells around the board make a great game for the fan of sorcery.

Creating a themed gift basket provides a special and personalized present. For the wizard enthusiast, playing a magical game will not only be great fun but will widen their imaginations. The wizard themed fun and games gift basket will surely enchant those who receive it.

Jenny Kile

Admin. of All About Fun and Games. Along with being an avid collector and player of table top games, I am a writer, researcher, treasure hunter, and Founder of Kardtects ( kardtects.com. ) I believe fun is everywhere and you are welcome to visit my other sites: mysteriouswritings.com (which explores mystery, adventure and the search for treasures) and kardtects.com (which takes building card houses to completely new levels. Kardtects is the next generation of card house building!) Email: Jennykile@outlook.com

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  1. March 18, 2012

    […] The colorful and fun card game of Frog Juice is recommended for ages 8 and up and for 2 to 4 players. It would also make an ideal game to add to the Wizard Fun and Games Gift Basket. […]

  2. May 22, 2012

    […] like Grimoire or Frog Juice, are perfect to play on this magical themed night.  Both games involve the mixing […]

  3. July 5, 2012

    […] mixing up spells or creating magic potions.  This game would also make a wonderful addition to the Wizardry Games Gift Basket.  Magikus is for 2-4 players, takes only about 15 minutes to play and is recommended for ages 6 and […]

  4. August 21, 2012

    […] to add to a Wizard’s themed fun and games gift basket, Wizard’s Gambit has players compete to claim commanding spells as their own!  Fun for family […]

  5. September 29, 2012

    […] out chip, pretzels and other type snacks.  Be sure to grab a few extra cauldrons for creating Wizard’s Fun and Games Gift Baskets throughout the year.  And you might want to keep them nearby for having a Wizard Themed Game Night […]

  6. October 18, 2013

    […] Wizard games are good choice to play on a Halloween game night as well.  Wizard or Fantasy Wizard are two card games that can be easily slid in with the treats of the basket.  They bring just the right mixture of strategy and luck to the arrangement and the game table. […]

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