Family Game Night Fun with the Animal Game of Snorta!

Playing the game of Snorta on family game night will have lots of crazy animal sounds, noises, and laughs being made around the table.

Snorta game

Snorta! Game

Sounds like fun! And that is exactly what this game is all about. Sounds.  The Snorta game includes a deck of 97 Snorta Cards, 12 different Snorta animals, and 8 small Snorta barns. These are used in such a way where players, who have matched animal cards, race to make the sounds of the other person’s animal hiding in their barn before the other player makes the animal sound from their barn.

The first person who is able to get rid of all the cards from their hand wins.

The game begins with each person choosing an animal from the animal grab bag without looking. They could get a cat, dog, cow, donkey, duck, frog, snake, sheep, rooster, pig, owl, or mouse. These tiny cute durable animals are then placed in front of the player by a barn.

The Snorta cards, eight of each of the twelve animals, are shuffled. Depending on how many players are playing will determine how many sets are used. If only 4 players are playing then remove two sets of animal cards. If 5 to 6 players are playing, remove only one set. For 7 or 8 players the whole deck (and always with the Swap card) is used and these amounts are dealt evenly to the players facedown.

Each player will then make the sound of their animal, place it in the barn, and make the sound once more to help other players remember which animal is hidden in each player’s barn.

Snorta! Animals

Taking turns, players then flip over one card at time from their stacked pile. When a match of animal cards is made, those two players, with the match, race to make the sound of the animal in the other person’s barn. Whoever is able to make the correct sound first, gives their flipped over cards to the other player.

If a player flips over the Swap card, the player then swaps an animal with a different one and makes a sound of the new animal which will then be used.

Sounds simple enough. But in the battle to make the first correct animal sound, it is sometimes hard to remember which animal sound to make. The Snorta game has players quacking and mooing and barking when they should squeaking or meowing. Listening to players act like animals brings laughs to the whole family and the game night.  The game of Snorta! will for sure be played again and again.

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Sounding off for now…zzzzzzzzz….have a great game night.

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