Fast-Paced Big Fish Lil’ Fish Card Game

The speedy card game of Big Fish Lil’ Fish will have players swimming in a fish eat fish world.

Kids of all ages can play a lively game of cards while enjoying an exciting time of feeding fish.  Once the first card is played, the game of Big Fish Lil’ Fish becomes a race to eat as many smaller fish as possible.  Players must be careful though when quickly laying down their cards.  A spiny and inedible Puffer Fish could sneak into the pond and cause another player to get more than he was fishing for!

The contents of game include 60 colorful fish fighting cards.  Numbered from 1(littlest fish) to 48(biggest fish) are the edible and delicious fish cards.  Then there are twelve cards which are not numbered and are the spiky, dangerous to eat, Puffer fish. All cards are in a variety of four colors.

The game begins by dealing all cards, one at a time, out to the players.  Big Fish Lil’ Fish is recommended for 2 to 6 players, and for ages 6 and up (If only 2 players are playing then the cards numbered 25 to 48 and one Puffer fish are removed from the deck for easier play).

card game for kids

Big Fish Lil’ Fish cards

The object of the game is for a player to be the first to get rid of all the cards he is dealt.  This is achieved by playing cards into the center Pond Pile in the following way:

    • Big Fish eat Lil Fish!  (A larger numbered card(bigger fish) is placed onto a smaller numbered card (smaller fish))

Sounds simple enough.  However, there are a few rules to remember.  Fish of the same color can’t eat each other (that would be considered cannibalistic).  And Puffer fish of course can’t be eaten.

A player must also remember that a Puffer fish only eats the same colored fish, but can eat a the same colored fish of any size.  If a Puffer fish is played into the Pond, the game pauses.  This is where players may get more than they were fishing for.  The game is played without ‘Turns’.  All players are racing to eat smaller fish.  So if one player decides to throw a spiny Puffer into the Pond and another player places a card on top of it, that player must add the whole Pond Pile to his hand!

If all players were alert to the fact of the unwelcomed Puffer, then the player, who placed it into the Pond, plays ANY Card on top of it, and play continues as before.

Big Fish Lil’ Fish is an absolute fun game to play.  Speedy and quick, silly and amusing, the game can be enjoyed by all.  Watch out though, it seems lil’ fish cannot get their fill with just one game.

Jenny Kile

Admin. of All About Fun and Games. Along with being an avid collector and player of table top games, I am a writer, researcher, treasure hunter, and Founder of Kardtects ( ) I believe fun is everywhere and you are welcome to visit my other sites: (which explores mystery, adventure and the search for treasures) and (which takes building card houses to completely new levels. Kardtects is the next generation of card house building!) Email:

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