Welcome to All About Fun and Games! 

I am glad you are here!  This site is just what it says…..all about fun and games.

As a researcher, collector, creator, and player of games, I have discovered and learned a lot over the years and I am here to share.

I am excited to offer accounts, and display images, of the many old games in my collection.  They are beautiful pieces of history that hold unique glimpses into past times. The thoughts, beliefs, events, ideas, and enjoyments of those people who created and played them can be realized through their study.  A wonderful wisdom is conveyed and can be learned by the playing of games.

I also know the fun which can be found in games, and hope to encourage you to play a game today!  Any game! And to help with the decision on what game to play (because there are so many games to choose from), each week a new game is ‘Featured’!  These featured games are current games of today that can be readily purchased and will provide lots of fun to players.

As a mother of four, I see the excitement generated by the suggestion of playing a game, planning a family game night, or inviting friends or family over for a night of games.  To add to our fun, snacks are especially made with games in mind, like Scrabble Bites or Dusted Heart Brownies.  Treats are even sometimes served on a special tray, like the Checkerboard of Cheeses.  Ideas for game snacks can be found on site too.

family game night recipeCreating a theme for a game night provides another option for added fun.  A family could Create a Fun Froggy Game Night Theme and Have a Hoppin’ Great Time or plan a Night of Plundering Fun by playing pirate games.

Games, not taken too seriously, offer all players the chance to relax and enjoy.  It is a time of socializing and having fun.  Sure, there are those competitive players out to win, but they are balanced out by the players just wanting to chill.  Each learns from the other.

There are of course those times where couples just play, or the kids play a game on a rainy day, or a parent takes time to play a game with their kids just because.  From a child’s first games to older games, like Clue or Careers, games continue to be an important part of a family’s life.

I hope you bring out a game today and PLAY!


Have fun most of all and thanks for visiting!